Thursday, 22 April 2010


well that pretty much sums up this evening. i was fairly chirpy before then having tried to make my muscles work in another work out.. i think they're helping? and just walking home in the sun was so nice! until about half an hour ago things were good.

as soon as you said you were going to give up, no joke pal.. something inside me died. and that is really not a nice feeling. i mean okay, obviously it means something bad's happened, but that's seriously one of the worst things that could have happened. my stupid mouth! that and my stupid brain and my stupid freakin' feelings! oh to be a pimp or something equally as crap and degrading. or not. i do still have some dignity :/.

not a good evening lets just say.

but it was a larvely day weatherwise.. sunsun gorgeous sun! so nice to walk home in despite the fact that my folder weight a tonne, but meh, my arm gets a work out (; and the jacket was a mistake. but it was an okay day thank god. hopefully things'll get sorted? (yn).

took some photos yesterday too, i was going to put them up but then i just turned my laptop off because i was having a panic attack. stupid cocking sensitive skin, it reacts with everything. urgh. anyway. looksee (':

yes, i'm a jackass but i love it (': i love having a field and stuff! so good for photos (':

i felt as though i was walking on air (;
go figure losers.

right, whoooosaaaa! please god, say things will be okay? i don't want to lose them )': i love them too much. freakin' teenage years D: yet they're probably what i'll want in 10 years? in 10 years i'll be 27 :| oh crap. i must be happy and carefree and openly retarded and.. wait. i already am openly retarded (': 
good times are those moments where i stop caring.

"take these words, and say them out loud, 'cause everyone's forgiven now" 
- i miss the googoo dolls. not really listened to them for yearssss. summer songs (':

say things are going to be okay..?
sorry loser.
latersss my babies.

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  1. The sepia photo is sOOoo cool! Looks very pro. :)


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