Wednesday, 7 April 2010

ball pool..

yes charles, i'll wee in your ball pool. i love you missessss (': ben and jerrys, mini twister, smirnoff and some film friday siiiii? and coffee. how the eff could i forget coffee?! argh i should be hurt for forgetting that one.

today was gooood, well, technically yesterday but bleh. who cares for technicalities? minus the stupid government. guess you'll get that anywhere..
leicester with charlesssssss :'D just one phrase sweet cheeks. and the dance, you can't forget the dance.. hiphip, hair shake and trip over..

"i'm horny, horny horny horny" ..ooohh, "nice asss!" 
damn we're too cool (; minus the fact that you seemed ashamed of me. how's that even possible huh?! sorry i stole your style with the pocket watch.. it was so cute though! bladdy expensive though.. pschuh. nothing comes cheap anymore, apart from the emotional stuff.. what am i on about? i really have no idea anymore.

love to youu giiiiirl! (L)
yaaaaaaaaaaay.. i finished series 6 of friends. i think i need help? and i'm becoming too much like chandler :/ having said that, in leicester and a visit to greggs made me look alot like joey. i was hungry alriiiight?! nom that baguet was good.. so was starbucksss (':
my knee's broken. poop.

i got home and i took photos of a lily my mums friend got for her. it was pretty in colour but the background bits looked nasty. then i couldn't choose between black and white or sepia.. so yeah. (:

pretty huh? (:
oh fuck off italics :| i pressed you once, no need to do it every time i start a new freakin' sentance you blithering cretin!

ahaa, i seem to have good connections with coffee addicts, part italian people, oddballs and the frightningly insane (: i like these people alot. my friends = my world.
i blame too much on my hair. and my hair colour. (;

damn i want that star tattoo now.. )': 

is it just me or is that guy flirting? 
- i'm not sure if i should be flattered or slightly worried. halp?!

i'm too much of a camera hoe for my own good.. i know this. sorry if you're getting bored of seeing my face on my blog. but it's my blog and i'll put what the hell i want on it thank you very much o'reilly (:

please don't ask what i'm doing in the bottom right.. i think i went for a pattern of going from perfectly sane. well, ish. through to cheerfully odd, to i think i look hawt, to.. fuck knows really. good luck (:

miracles happen.. i damn well hope so otherwise i have no hope!
i'm not allowed to sigh in public (;
Jimmy Eat World - Hear You Me. this song reminds me of Helen. 5 months sweet cheeks, miss you shed loads :/

sweet dreams (:


  1. had a great day too :) good post apu - love you x

  2. Aww, pleasant post to read :)


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