Wednesday, 14 April 2010


oh the overwhelming urge to do evil things. like if someone's bending over and their ass is sticking out, you just want to kick it or push them.. well my mom was washing her hair and i was so tempted to dunk her head (': 
she has to love me alriiight? (; she's a wonderwoman..

not a wonderfuck daisy you jackasssss!

urgh, chemistry coursework's pretty much an epic, inevitable fail. i think i managed to cock the practical up again, but everyone in our class and all the other classes got stupidly varied results. someone's managed to break chemistry by turning chlorine with ammonia, silver nitrate and nitric acid grey. just how?! maybe it's in the beardiness?
this week's horrific for coursework and deadlines. two days for chem, biology coursework, english essays, history essays.. bleurgh! leave me alone you horrible things. really i should be revising for the write up for chem tomorrow, but frankly i cba. 

i never can be arsed can i?! motivation please? graziee.

had a photo mash earlier, damn it was fun :'D. i'm just a tad obsessed with it (:

i love love love this! mainly cause you can't see my faaace (':
my hair's refusing to obey atm actually, on monday it was uber pretty and curly, since then it's failed on every level :/ buggeration. ahh well. no one to impress really. i just look at my face too much (':

big ass cameras ftw (L).

my current passion: photography. (:

off to do chemistry.. bite me please? i don't care about bromine anymore. 
"i hope i plague your mind"
- in the nicest way possible perhaps. 

s'laters losers 


  1. your picutre are amazing (:
    follow me please?
    and email, to chat?
    im Amanda (:

  2. thank you (: ah, i'll follow you if you follow me? ahaaa. okay (: i'm Roz btw, as much as Reg inplies i'm a guy.

  3. good old vintage stuff (':


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