Monday, 12 April 2010


no need to panic, i'm back and alive and slightly more cheery than before campers. i have been one busy lady! well.. kinda. over the weekend i was swamped with crappy work that i've pretty much failed to do and i basically couldn't be arsed with at the start of easter. nom.

soo. friday, not the best day in my life. i don't know why but i was just really down and/or arsey, i pretty much had the face of a kid that's crapped in its knickers then was refused a lolly. that's a nasty image but y'get the idea right? anyway, friday. si. daisy's netbook got an STD thanks to a faulty condom. tesco's appalling.. so she woke me up at 10 freakin' am :| to shove the thing at my brother and demand he put it on a drip. turned out it completely fucked up (': good times? bleh, we watched friends and talked about summer.. ah summer! Eeeee, not really that far away either seeing as exams are gonna glomp on most my free time between now and June. then friday night charles was coming round, and i'm so sorry for being a stroppy git then babesssss )': i feel bad about that still. :/ not the best friend in the world am i?
then saturday i was supposed to be volunteering at hinckley museum.. most people don't know it actually exists (': it's because if i'm planning to do history at uni (debateable that it is) then i have to show some sort of interest and initiative. tbh it was actually pretty good, yesss there wasn't anyone working there under 70, but still! i actually learnt something.. that jc was a strict school.. in the 1970s (;

then i had an english essay waiting for me when i got home. boo. but my converse didn't rub! :D

that essay helped me into depression on saturday though. Death & Co. Sylvia Plath. Ted Hughes. Death. bite me please? having said that, i couldn't be arsed to go downstairs and make coffee so i opened a bottle of pear cider and fell off my bed when i got steadily more tipsy. and walked into something... pear cider does something weird to me. and it's not good.
sunday was pretty bad too.. i finished series 10 of friends, the last episode always makes me feel moochy. they can't leave!

then i had a multi vitamin which i swear has drugs in it and i went high? :'D

wasn't all doom and gloom, on saturday i was nice to my estranged father and managed to borrow the pocket watch from him, and i got a bonus of two gorgeous vintage cameras! being nice pays off! 'cause i was talking to him about doing photography at uni considering that realisticly i'm not doing that well at a level :/

i took some photos and these were someee of the results (:

boo, you can't see it that well.. ah well. i'll lob it on facebook (:

that's one of them anyway (: i'll do some decent, nicer ones soon though. if you're getting bored of my babble with vintage and photography then toughh (: i larv' it. capiche?

i'm not sure if i put that one up before.. i should go check. but i cba. :'D 
there's another photo of me but bleh. i don't look that pretty anyway (: and it's kinda dull seeing my mug all the time.

i'm going to gooo now seeing as i'm being distracted (happily) from chemistry revision.. oh god i just gave myself a mini heart attack :| cameron's seriously gonna have to tutor me otherwise i'm well and truly fucked. *sigh*

summerrrrr! roller blading down the prom in cardiff daaaiiiissss :'D

laterss nooobies (:


  1. you are the best friend in the world to me, despite your mood swings ;) love you x

  2. pschuuuhhhh. lies madam. i'm a pain in the freakin' arse! x


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