Tuesday, 13 April 2010

hopeless romantic

well, occasionally i am anyway. i like the whole romantic cliches like the encounter at a train station, long lingering looks.. what the eff am i on about? ploddypop.

today's not been too terrible, got another lie in but as always i was productive as a typical procrastinating teen. urgh, just lately i have no motivation at all, barely any tollerance with people and 6th form's making me realise that i'm going to fail in life. bleh, fun times please? 
tomorrow and thursday are not going to be gooood daysss. chem coursework on both of them, me and chem practicals are having issues, especially when i do them with cameron.. coincidence? ah i love hiiiim :'D and i'm still stumped as to what the eff half equations are. buggerbuggerbugger.

finally got some more of the jane eyre essay edited (': charlotte bronte: just why?! silly woman should have been more witty! more like pam ayres.. or me. that's a freakin' joke.

j'aime parle en francais. j'y n'aime pas pour quoi!
it makes me sound pretty! shame my hair's misbehaving like a hoeeeebag. booness.

damn i'm miffed!

"i'm annoyed at you because i miss you." 
- charming? (':

na'night losers.


  1. i love your hair. its sooo cute:D

  2. liking your new layout lovely, liking the quote too haha does it apply to me :D ? Jokes x

  3. thank you!
    ahaaa, thanks charles.. nooo, it's not from you fooool (: x


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