Thursday, 8 April 2010


one way of saying nungas anyway (': russel howard's a baaaabe! and charles has got too used to saying boobies. she got a tad scared when i did the gesture when i was dancing like a pillock though bless her. damn she's gonna need therapy after being friends with me..
then again, i think the majority of my friends might need that. 
good luck to you guys (:

and a particular wish of luck to whichever poor git i end up with. i make that sound so negative :/. nah. i really do want a nice, decent guy tbh. ahh, wish me luck?! i might need it boris.

oh god damnn, i tried to finish that history today. most boring few hours of this holiday of which i've done nothing but spent money, lolled around in bed and got fat. now that's the kinda holiday that i like. people might disagree and say that i should be doing work and trying to pass A levels. now that would be a fantastic idea, if only i cared for my sanity. my sanity was lost many years ago to a lady called my mother. thank you babes, you've worked wonders on this red headed idiot (: your finest piece of work.. my brother's too hairy and too much of a pillock to be considered a success story. instead you've got a lovely, vain..ish, photo hoe of a daughter (':

yes, another one of my face. tough titties if you don't like it. cause i do. y'know? i occasionally look nice. let me take advantage of those moments ehh? (:

andd, finally i discovered macro on my camera! i was overjoyed and got a a tad carried away taking photos earlier as a sweet diversion from history. jeeez p to the g, i love you sweet cheeks but an essay about you being superficial is god dull. but yeah, i got to take lots'a photos of my mini pocket watch (L). i rather love it (: 

and yes, it's sitting on top of my god awful history essay which i'm predicting a big fat fail in :'D. trust me, nothing new with that atm. anyway. what d'you think of my photography?!
and yes, i can take all the credit for the actual photos and the editing (':

it's a proud day for me. si?
damn boy, do you have no wit about you whatsoever?!
- me and charles. come on! urgh. 

i love you guys (:

"oh my heart is like a speeding train" damn i love these songs (:

good post tomorrow, i promise (: story time charles.. (;
na'niiight (L).


  1. Omgg i Love the pocket watch ^^

  2. so do i :'D it's my obsession atm (:


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