Saturday, 3 April 2010

funkeh monkey (;

Urgh, it's late, Charles is being demanding. I love my friends. I'm regressing in maturity in the sense that i'm 17 but instead of going to bars, trying to fake being 18 and picking up guys with the intellectual capacity of a teaspoon.. bloody cretins, i'm dressing up a cuddly monkey and making it hump things with my favourite retard.

Damn i love my friends. They really do make my life fun. :'D special people.

Right, seeing as it's stupid o clock.. JESUS :| it's 01:12. AM. AM. Why am i awake? WHY?! Yeah, photos, then bed? Si? Grazie.

We turned the monkeh into our pimp.

Love love loved tonight (': i love you tardy boy. Archibold you babe. (':
Tomorrow niiight! :'D Eeeeeeeeeeee.

Good times. Life is good right now. I liiiiaaakkeeee it. I like long conversations with nice people (: 

Oh, and i took a new photo with my beautiful phone and i like it (: and i was editing it. So.. here (:

G'niiight (:


  1. Hahaha :') rude minded girl ! Like the photo taken with your new brick, laverly x

  2. Shush now ;) not that we abuse soft toys. (': thank youu (: i think it's prettyy :'D x

  3. LOLL.
    The last picture- You look so pretty :)

  4. Thank you very muchhh (: x

  5. this is the kinda thing i do. im 17.. well in 3 days (wooo!!) and act like im 10 when im with my friends. but fuck it.. it makes me happy :D

    Bea. xo

  6. happy birthday for then! :'D
    exactly! if it makes you happy, then just enjoy life and enjoy being daft! :'D x


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