Sunday, 4 April 2010

just because (:

Because it was my birthday on monday and i didn't really do anything for it apart from visit costa with Daisy and be in a bad mood.. wasn't the best idea (; and because i love my tards.. alot. Soo i did something for it last night (: hence the absence of a post.

Organised last minute (as usual) Dais, Charles and Lorna jollied on round mine last night, after i managed to get my brother to get some alcohol for me. I really can't pass for 18 until i might actually get to 18 but even then i'll need a freakin' ID because i look about 15. Fab. Bleh. Anyway! I bought my own cake too.. I always wanted a me to you one :'D

It looked prettier in better lighting but y'know (:

It tasted damn good actuallyyy :'D especially the flower.. I felt like a girl for once (': i was dressed like a girl too actually. I got a dress ages ago from dorothy perkins but hadn't worn it. So decided to dress up for no reason AT ALL :'D. 

We all look half smashed.. I say half because frankly i was only mildly tipsy (': contrary to my brother's opinion. Him and Gareth (yes Charles, 23.) were kinda worried at the fact we got excited that the pizza from dominos finally arrived. The bloke got lost.. I live on a straight road. :| the pizzaa was fiiiiiiiine (;

So we're sexehh mofos alriiight? (':

I rather love these photos :'D i look half nice in them.. only Daisy's teeth tend to try and steal the limelight in the majority of the photos that were taken last night. She has huuuuugee teeth. And i love her (;

We drank a fair bit last night.. I opened my curtains this morning afternoon, (woke up at 12:55) :'D and all the bottles fell over. Wine, smirnoff, bucksfizz.. Damn good night! Ohh it was goood (': 

"tonight's gonna be a gooood niiight." Well yes thank you (': it was. Thank you homedawgsssss (:

Love 'till later (;


  1. Good photos good night good time ... nice ass ;) x

  2. good stuff then (; oh niiiiiceee ass! biatch. x

  3. Aw, the cake is SOOO cute :)

  4. i always wanted a me to you one :'D


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