Saturday, 17 April 2010

they fall like dominoooss

well i've fallen because of dominos. damn i love daisy! and today. we thought that we could beat a large pizza each.. we like coupons (;

we failed epicly. one slice over half the effing pizza and we were completey effing stuffed. the pizza guy that delievered today wasn't bad looking actually. compared to the one the other saturday he was a hotty. but y'know. nomnom. he got a tip instead of me just letting him keep the 1p change (; i'm a larvely person.

just craved pizza and my jackass today. woke up with 5 minutes to get ready. yeah. just not gonna happen pal. i have to leave the house at 8/five to, and i woke up at 10 to. this is why i should throw caution to the wind and tell my friends to leave me alone after 11 o clock (': rolled into jc at quarter to nine. pahaaaaa. loved it. meant i missed assembly which is always a positive! then spent an hour of chem yawning and attempting to sleep on my notes, played hang man in critical crap then things improved from history 3rd. 
jake's a tad of a babe, "you're the mop to my bucket" i made it up and i spent half an hour laughing at it. am i sad..? every history lesson in H6 we have absolutely no motivation or concentration.. so we give up and talk about crap (': so much fun!
urm, biology was bromley throwing a hissy fit that we fail at biology exams, frankly it's because the questions are ridiculous and what they ask has nothing to do with the answer they want :|. ffs! when we were supposed to be marking the test, i started scribbling over the paper then completely gormed out and my arm with the pen went across the table and now there's a huge line over the desk (': i looked like a right tard. by the end of that i just wanted to roll home and finish coursework.

ahhh, good times. got rid of the buggering jane eyre essay finally and now i get to spend 2 whole days sleeping, drinking coffee and eating nothing seeing as i've forced as much pizza down my throat as possible.
funny stuff (:

got home and wasted an hour of my life leaping fruitlessly into the air trying to get the timing right for the camera to catch it. D: argh it took forever to get a few decent ones. i was inspired by my own brain for once! i like suddenly feeling artistic :'D.

jump jump baby (':

that one was a bit of an experiment and i'm still not sure about it.. i do love that one though (': 

ahaaa, i got complimented on my odd fashion sense! it was all sunny and summery and i haven't got my legs out for a while, so i shoved on my hippy dress and red converse. odd mix? i thought it worked actually. i could be wrong! (':

like or naaaaay?

"you're the mop to my bucket"
- i've said it earlier, but i don't half love it (':

 my god i never realised how full i was. i'm not eating for another 5 months. can't wait for summer! brraaaaaaaapp..
na'niiight loserss (:


  1. i love the pictures,
    their really pretty,
    plus i love the converse.
    amaazing edits <3
    xo, Amanda

  2. thank you :'D i'm a little addicted to photography and editing..
    charles, you have to love my photography (; xx

  3. i do HAVE to ;) mwahaha joking. Love you x

  4. don't if you don't want to! and when i put "dominos" in the title, it was a hint as to where the pizza was from jackass (; x


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