Saturday, 17 April 2010

iceice babyy

my god today has been utterly gorgeous. for once british weather's being summery! it's effin' sunny! perhaps the weather's ill? i love the fact that i can finally walk outside with my legs and arms exposed and not feel uber cold! granted i was slightly chilly, but damn.. i'm always chilly! good times, good times (':

met up with daisy tard, managed to nab a load of her pocket watches to photograph and be freakin' artistic with! creativeness doesn't come all that often to me actually, so when i get inspiration i kinda have to grab it by the nuts and swing it round my head until it screams a little bit and gives up on any hope of having children. 
holy mofo that's a nasty metaphor :| i surprise myself sometimes.

the resultss:

like muchh?

love photography damn ittt (L).

i had a fooood hangover this morning (': i never realised that was possible, but after the amount of pizza i scoffed last night i shouldn't be surprised. got an amazing sleep though, nine beautiful hours of snoooozing like a log. but when mom woke me up at quarter to 10 i was incredibly reluctant to get up, like when you're woken up from a super deep sleep you feel half paralytic. fun times! 

met dais and could'a killed the hoe for wearing wedges when i'm already a hobbit D: grabbed money from mom, bought gingabread lattes and sat in the mead. ended up burning like bacon but only on my left arm? thenn, got some chilli rice crackers, halfway through licking one she said it was goooood. five minutes later she erupted with "ERRGUGHHHGTHHAAHAH" and coughing. lots. it was fucking hilarious (; she told me not to lick the crackers.

my favourite (:

"build me a home from a cardboard box"
- damn joshua's radin a bit of a baaaaabe, a cardboard box would be larvely!

argh my stalker's back D:
= very bad times. urgh. i'm sure i can be meaannnn soon.

t'raaa (: 


  1. LOVE the pictures, as usual! I'm so excited that this thing is finally letting me comment.
    Lovely post, you! :D

  2. It's Freakin' 40 degrees and burning here :P
    Lucky Britishers. Hmph. :P

    Awesome Superb pictures!! :D Love the effect the wood gives!

  3. FINALLY blogger's working! (':
    thank you very muuuchhh :'D
    Ahaaa, if it was 40 degrees here i'd be turning into a proper lobster..

    and thank youu! :D


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