Monday, 5 April 2010

my bubble

my bubbleeeeeeee, my bubbly bubbly boobleeee. ahaaa that looks like boob! or boobie.. crap i need help. well, i'm in my happy bubble right now. my happy happy bubble. kinda my drunken bubble as well. minus the alcohol aspect of the bloody thing. just another form of stress relief made me enter this bubble. and fyi my darling brother, i was not fucking drunk on saturday! Charles, Lorna and Archh vouch for the fact that i was merely mildly tipsy. there's a difference you bearded cretin!

damn i haven't watched bad boys two for a while.. lately all i've watched has been friends. thats because i love it alot. but my god does Ross get annoying so very quickly. oh gawd, i've managed to get to series 6.. just, since wednesday :/ my mum hates it. :'D and i've since worked out i'm now cross between Joey and Chandler. 
Joey for the fact that if someone steals my food i get very upset, and Chandler because i try and be witty alot. (;

 i made a story about chandler and joey for charles last night, cause she asked me for a story. so i made one. clever huh? but joey was a girl and chandler was a boy. it was a tad.. wrong? it was disturbing alright?! but it was effing funny (; i'm gonna have to make another one up for her and see her reaction on webcam next time :/. leicester with that jackasss tomorrow (; thats gonna be fun. ahaa :'D

i get bored so i take photos of myself (': i also took photos of my legs, but thats kinda odd. buttt i found the ankle bracelet that i got from spain like three years ago so i took photos because i wanted to. alright?! urgh, so judgemental (;

damnnn my legs are so soft from my moisturiser (': vaselineeee :'D
my bubble's still going. i want it to pop now. i feel weak :/

love to yo homedawwggssss.


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