Saturday, 1 May 2010

rollerblading huh?

rollerblading hurts. well, only if you're an arse like me (': which to be frank i don't mind.
i love dais for the fact that she owns her own rollerblades and my feet are almost the same huge size as hers so i can practise on them while freakin' Vapour take their time on getting mine in.
i'm half annoyed about that but i wasn't particuarly surprised they didn't have any. in fact i made a twat of myself cause i thought the door was locked when in fact it was just a hoe to open. good one roz. uber smooth as usual (;

meh, they're being ordered in (: thats 55 quid spent on them but at least i'm getting them!
proactive riiight?

ah it was shits and giggles though seeing as neither of us have been on skates in years. arch walked like bambi in hollycroft (': when she get the hang of it it was like seeing my child take it's first steps. so emotional! (': 
surprisingly i was alright at it, the prospect of having a wobblebottom to land on half comfily helped i think. i can skate.. i just can't stop. 
it's fine if it's on a flat bit and there's a strategically placed bit of grass or something, but at one point i was going down a bit of a slope and i either went round the corner or face planted a tree. i took the corner. which was fine until i realised it was more of a slope, then i tried to aim for the bit of grass but couldn't quite make it and kinda went forward on my ass. 
my backside's been pushed up: botox for free (;

it was hilarious i'll say that much (': the fact that i hugged the ground afterwards was me just being appreciative.

yeahh, converse are cool. and my obsession's growing. leave me alone ):

made a twat of myself on friday too, i kiiinda left a funny bit in my history presentation, something about peter being sexy and everyone liking vodka for drinky poos. i had to keep my concentration somehow?!
urgh, i keep getting so many headaches lately ): not enjoying this. 
why do i have such feelings? they're wasted, and frankly they're inconvienient. 

i want to make the impossible, possible.
- boo.

laters (:


  1. "the fact that i hugged the ground afterwards was me just being appreciative"

    My favourite excuse for succumbing to the laws of gravity, EVER :D xxx

  2. i love the ground (': and gravity for that matter (: i was thanking it for working.. capiche?!

    :'D xx

  3. Rollerblading usually ends up with me on my back, which is okay, because I like laying around too...

  4. it's FUN! possibly more acceptable if i was 13.. by this age i should be mature. a levels counter-act that however. (:


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