Monday, 24 May 2010


despite the fact i have my biology retake tomorrow, i'm completely unprepared and i'm probably going to fail. my ear's been blocked for 3 days running and i look like a complete tramp.

things are finally starting to look up (: after a good weekend with the only slight hitch with being half deaf and trying to revise biology reluctantly; things are going well (:
i also decapitated an ant by accident yesterday.. i was sitting cheerily on the bench in my garden and there was an ant crawling up my leg. so i tried to flick it off and i discovered i'd only managed to flick it's head off.
seems i do take after my mother after all. she beheads lady birds and i behead ants. (obviously not intentionally, but lady birds can freak me out sometimes.)

urgh, i've spent most of today lolling in bed and prodding my ear to see if it wants to let me hear at some point. it does when i kinda whack it, but only for a few seconds D: grah. 
haaaa, one of my stalker's text me the other day asking if i liked him. right, pal. you're a prat. you think you're hilarious when you try and pee me off, then claim you're half in love with me. for gods sake man: get a grip! i don't like him as a friend or anything remotely near to that, let alone like him for rumpy.

i decided not to care that my mother was judging me for taking photos of insignificant junk down the garden and snapped alot yesterday with the sunn (':

is it just me or does that hole look like a heart at the top? i thought it was kinda cool (:

i felt artistic. don't dry my juices. otherwise i'll stop being a happyhappyhappy photo hoe and start being a stroppy bitch instead (;

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! just crazy.. and crazy happy right now :'D

"you might be hot. but you're still a bitch!" 
- ah i love my friends (': to me, a bitch is a compliment. well. if it comes from the right people. otherwise it's a giant insult and i'll hurt you for saying it (:

i like you toooooo (:


  1. You even stole the exact angle I took my lock picture from.

    Unfortunately for me however, YOUR picture works a lot better than mine ever did :P

    Love the 3rd one :) xx

  2. i'm sorry )': i was so inspired! and unless i wanted to be attacked by stinging nettles i kinda HAD to take it from that angle :/ and frankly, i prefer yours (:
    and thank you (: i think the rusty hook works (': xx


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