Friday, 7 May 2010

fridays: a marvelous invention

never has "thank god it's friday" been so damn appropriate! frankly this week has sucked in terms of education. but today got gradually better! had to finish off my chem mock first and for some bizarre reason i thought it went okay. i figure that means an immenent failure however?
then i had some pointless biology test with the lovely broms. she's more of a stresshead than alcoholics going cold turkey. she gives us tests which i'm fairly certain she's aware no one cares about then moans when we do appallingly. 

yes, i got an amazing 9 out of 27 (; seriously. that was better than i expected!

bleh, history 3rd and ben sent me a text expecting me to be free. sadly i have no frees on fridays. ever. unless a teacher's pulling a sicky. they should do it more often!
english lit.. mehhmmmm neh.
then history last. in fact it wasn't bad! did work for about 20 minutes and ranted about revision, main school and politics for the rest of the hour (': i love my history class for distractions. we've perfected it to an art. (;

got my rollerblaaaaaddeessssssssss niggaaaaaazzzzzz!!! 
they're not the prettiest thing on the earth, but lets face it. they're blades. they're gorgeous! :'D. got a costa as well cause i dragged charlessss into town (:

getting everything home was hell on a stick. my folder weighs alot at the best of times but with that, a heavy bag and a big ass box with my 'blades in pretty much killed me. i never realised how far away i lived! oh! and the guy in vapour was pretty hawt tbh. compared to the other one anyway. when i got home i was shaking so much. my poor muscles!

there's still a hole in the middle of my drive.

neh, i'm kinda bored but not in the mood to talk. this is weird. *sigh* i think i'm mildly moody about volunteering tomorrow. frankly i cba! wow.. crappy museum for 3 hours. 
just no pal. think i'm gonna leave early and venture into leicester with daisypooooo. hopefully.

i liiiiiike this!

barth then bed perhaps? might stop off on msn to see if loser's on. (':
maybe anyway. i might get distracted dribbling over my skates.

"you're so full of it, i can't stand the way you act, i can't coprehend. i don't think you could handle it!"
- yeah. i don't think you could handle me actually? we'll seeeeeeee.

apparently by talking about peni it means they fancy me? 
i rather doubt that. like. alot.
anyway. i must go and breathe and dance like a twat. i loveeee that idea!

na'night (:


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