Sunday, 2 May 2010

miss you loser

oh my day's been beautifully eventful darlingsss. i finally met up with the tardy charles for the first time in ages! because frankly i've been a dick, so i make up for it in complete retardiness capiche?

costa on a sunday morn, what could be better?!

nothing. that's what (; i did rather forget to get my momma a raspberry thing but meh, i'll get her one next time i take a trip to town (: ended up lugging a barbeque and charcoal back with charles until she turned off down to her road. ah damn, it was a good morning!
then i had to go home and be sociable to my momma's favourites. was nice to see them actually, s'been a damn long while! so yeah, that was good (: i kinda feel out of place when they're here though? it's just that they talk about work and so on and i'm lying there pitying myself for having a sore bottom and taking a levels.. such a sad child am i. :'D

mommy ate a ladybird.

i don't know why i took those.. my ass looked nice? i tend to get bored when i'm trying to find things to do other than revision. 
my room's suddenly become very tidy (;

Daisy's rendition of how i fell over yesterday?
- "your legs went too fast for the rest of you.. they sort of splayed out and GAATHHUMMP...    you were on your arse!!"

i was crying with laughter for a solid 10 minutes. didn't help when she started going on about her oversized head being perfect for human bowling (;

she's my favourite. kinda.. (':

i do love this photo, i took it ages ago but never bothered putting it up :/ god knows why. stress maybe? i do seem to have inherited my mothers headaches. my gene puddle fails somewhat (': 

"pity my broken butt" 
- this made me laugh, and considering i said it that's rather sad (':

thank you for what you said (:

night losers


  1. i think you should show me you rollerblading lovie ;) x

  2. i think i will when i get my rollerblades (; x

  3. When I get bored revising i EAT and EAT ...

    not good.


  4. i pig out FAR too much at this time of year. thanks to a levels i do it in january too D:

  5. apparently it found its way into a blackberry crumble.. it was an explorer ladybird (;


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