Friday, 14 May 2010


you know me too well loser (; damn you for it!
actually, don't.. i rather like it tbh. but you know me too well!

you're crazy and i'm insane. this works? ahaaa (:

just about finished a stupid history essay. i'll finish it tomorrow in critical thinking. sorted.
you think i look good when i look like shit.. are you blind?! ooo, after tomorrow i'm on study leave. i actually can't wait! :'D

i really love this photo!

god my internet's being ridiculously stupid. a mix of internet pmt, work and distractions are keeping me from this blog (': sorry!

"you be a cat lady and i'll be a coffee cup."
- i love lorna (': biology suddenly seems worth the hell.

charles's partay tomorrow night. wayhayyy (; bring it homieee..

love to loserrrrssss!


  1. study leave is the best part of education :'D


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