Wednesday, 5 May 2010

bad case of cba

seriously, i just don't have any motivation or any care atm. especially not for cocking biology. 
okay, so i failed the january exam with a big fat U. but by giving me 9 hours extra of revision "homework" that's not really motivating me pal. go figure please (:

long weekend.. gooood. monday night meant an odd kinda' threesome in the form of huddling for warmth. please don't ask me to explain further? it's terrible to try and explain and either way you're gonna think me a tard.

okay, so it's really not that good. but it seems everyone's into the whole panoramic photo fandango so i thought i'd dip my lense in the processing pool.
someone finally pointed out what the pink thing was.. i thought it was daisy's face, but it was actually my finger. who knew?! i think i'm going senile..? i love the fact that nokia does ovi applications! (:

6 months yesterday since Helen went.. miss that hoebag. rest in peace sweet cheeks (: don't be too much of a hoe now (':

i had a nice night last night (: goooood thoughts. ahaaa. 
and now i've realised i have lots'a revision to do. now that makes me slightly sad. booooooo :/ 

charles' partayy sooooon :'D coincidentally on the same day as study leave starts (': i love her timing frankly (L). i need to whoosa alot more. 

"mother fucker! where's my biology book?!"
- "it's under your bag jackass."
- completely my bad.

neh, i kinda like you a tad. (:


  1. My timing is immense.. hahah the biology book :') love you freaktard xxx whoosaaa xxx

  2. it really is you oddball (; oh god i think i really am losing my mind! love you niggarbottom (: xxx


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