Thursday, 6 May 2010

in, out, write it out.

urgh revision. i hate it i hate it i hate it! it's a disease.. a DISEASE! oh dear me.
see, i had a chem mock last lesson today and it spreads over to tomorrow's lesson first period cause the exam's an hour and a half. such larks! ha.

i spent 3 hours. yes, three hours revising today seeing as i had second and third period free and lunch. i swear it hasn't paid off at all :| i tried my best and i still reckon i've failed. hence why i've been frantically scribbling on my hand in the last five minutes trying to figure out what i need to look up tonight. which i did.. and now i kiiiinda understand? i hope it'll be okay. or at least the actual exam'll turn out well! i rather need to pass it (:

unlike biology which is an immenent failure.

yeah, those would be a mere few of my revision post-its which are plastered round my house and on many occasion, my face. i tried drinking coffee with the things on my face and i dribbled everywhere like a complete retard.
yeah, i'm smooooth.

this week is horrible for tests. chem mock today and tomorrow, history today and potentially tomorrow, biology tomorrow, biology mock on monday and tuesday D: whywhywhy?! this is just cruel people.

Elliot Minor in July please? thank you muchleh (':

i love the giant pine cone i got years ago (: i think it's rather lovely.

rollerblades tomorrow! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! like alot. charles is coming with meeeee. my gawd i can't wait (: and costa after. so after a horrible week hopefully it'll end well. despite the fact i'm volunteering saturday and sunday D:
i don't know how i managed to con myself into that.

"i'm naked around you, and it feels so right"
- avril lavigne songs are so good to relate to! only you can see me for me.
complicated lady (;

love to losers.


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