Wednesday, 19 May 2010

mother of fuck.

frankly, i just want this whole thing to be sorted and just to go away. i can't help how i feel. believe me pal, if i could i would. i'm pretty sure you know that anyway.

there's just things i don't understand. whether it's for convinience or some twisted reason that you have. then fair enough. but it still stands i find it odd. this circle is boring me. the content is much less than boring, but the fact that it's happening over and over and over again is! guess you know that one too..
personally i think i should just be pointed in the direction of a half decent but preferably blind guy who can just help me get over you! urgh. booness.
lets just hope it's gonna be okay eh? and you can't blame me for wanting to punch you in the head. if you think about that one you'll figure it out. yes i know it's not all your fault, but still. there are so many things i want to say, but if i say them i know you'll flip and i really don't think it's worth the extra arguing. i tire of the arguments and i know you do too.

we suck huh?

however, i pulled the skin off my finger so now there's a huge dip in my finger. but it's healing, it's HEALING! :'D

hrm.. was fiddling with red lipstick and eyeliner yesterday when i was avoiding doing a history essay..

neh, there was another one which i fiddled with on photoshop but it's being a reject. no loss tbh, it wasn't that good but still (:

oh god i have no idea where i'm going with everything. i know i'm not the only one but it just seems alot of people have plans, or safety nets.. or have the capability to do whatever they want. i'm clueless and i'm a little lost right now.

not to mention a bloody big mess inside..
"stop being a cute doormat."
- i wish. 

s'later maybe (:


  1. things will work out homie, they always do and you look particularly beautiful in that photo - loves u x

  2. i flipping hope they will anyway (: and thank you niggabottom. love you! x


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