Tuesday, 25 May 2010

i see sunshine through pouring rain

had my biology retake today: pretty much an ultimate fail. again. boooo.
to tell the truth it wasn't too appalling, but wasn't fantastic either. it didn't help that we were packed into the 6th form lecture theatre and i had to physically fall out of my chair to get out when we finished. that was graceful (;

spent a good few hours letting off steam to my cat lady. i love the daft bat (: crazy kids and impossible adolescents (;
we're cool.

i've found a new band to love thanks to charles. two door cinema club. actually amazing! eee (:

i like this idea (:

i've joined deviantart! it's a beautiful distraction from the world (: have a peek and stalk me if i'm any good.
reginald tribianni  

i'm not too sure what to believe anymore. this horrific plague on women has made me feel the ugliest thing on the planet. well. a combination of things has anyway. i'm sure i'll live! (:

"lets make this happen now, we're gonna show the world that something good can work"
- i'm already in love with this band it's insane. 

love from coffee cup.

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