Thursday, 3 June 2010

cuts and bruises

one day skating and i'm aching, bleeding, bruised yet smiling inanely. 
how the heck can being in pain make me cheerful?! ah dear. i hope my thumb isn't broken or sprained or whatever. i kinda need to have the ability to write for exams? especially english and history, boy they're gonna be fun! (':

not gonna be a long post, my internets acting like the queen on HRT and i object strongly to it buggering about.
ahh, mary poppins (': blast from the past :D

momma's managed to accuse me of being a smoker and a drunk. 
i'm actually rather offended! for one, i only drink when i'm in good company at a party or with my jackass. and for another, just because there seems to be a weird fag aroma occasionally it doesn't mean it's me! frankly it's a disgusting habit and i appreciate my lungs working as hard as they already are to keep me alive. granted i might not eat perfectly healthily and exercise on a military routine but smoking is one thing that's never going to affect my health. it's a ridiculous waste of money and it smells utterly foul!
- if i wanted to smell like an ash try mother, i'd stick one over my head and be done with it. i like my lungs pink and healthy tah.

rant over (:

scary that me and dais actually revised like we planned today, usually we plan these things but find nice distractions like johnny depp and picking apart orlando bloom's crappy acting. we rewarded hard work with skating and bruises. 
my ass is going to absolutely hate me. 

it's grown on me and i've decided i love it (:

photoshop's a bugger to work with when you're not used to it.
but i had a go and this came out of it so it can't be all bad (:

i think i've obtained tan lines and a pretty glow today :'D
hardcore revision for the next few days i think.. so many dvds and a constant supply of coffee. sorted (':

"it's hard to compromise, when i see through your eyes. it's just a common view; i guess it's lost on you."
- big love for two door cinema club.

i think i like you. (:


  1. dude, you're an amazing photographer.
    Really. :)

  2. The white dress is really cute :)
    Lol, i tried skating many times, but still havent managed to learn. it's ttttt-oughh :\

  3. thank you so much! comments like that matter to me (:
    and thank you! i love that dress (:
    ahaa, skating is an art! it takes many bruises.. i can skate. just can't stop :'D


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