Friday, 18 June 2010

well hey there

i blame education solely for the lack of attention to this thang. granted i thought after exams i'd actually have spare time to do what i like, but clearly that hasn't happened.
revision and exams ate my time before. god what hindrances!

i'm rather resentful of education right now lets say, it's just the fact that okay, AS levels aren't as taxing as A2 but they're hardly a bag of roses. pretty much everyone i know is completely burnt out from last week, and i still know some people who still have exams. considering biology's already comdemmed us to coursework next week i'm pretty peed. we haven't learnt a thing! i'm not sure anyone cares.
it's about the kidney for christ sake. the most i've learnt is that lorna hacks at it pretending it's mr fraine's head. she's a pleasant child (;
managed to drop critical thinking today though. that was a relief! finally got rid of that horrible little thing. but celebrating by eating was a mistake. and i walked home with saturated feet. tah nick. if it's raning next time you're walking on your own pal. (:

so.. i still have my hair in a towel turban (': 
skating this week has managed to relieve some of the crappiness of JC. my gosh, i have been a stroppy sod lately!

i'm sorry if i've been a bit if a bitch.. i'm glad things are okay though. (:
missed you loser (':

starting my EPQ soon! eeeee, i can't wait. i can do photography for an equivalent of an AS so i actually have something to prove i might be half good at it.

not kidding, it's taken me forever to take that. i had to time it right so i could break into the field next to mine seeing as although mine is full of gorgeous heather, it doesn't quite have the same effect as buttercups for a hippy look.

urgh, i'm so ridiculously tired. possibly because of disgustingly early mornings, just why?! i mean come on.. i'm getting old here.
i need a job, driving lessons and a car please (:

i indulged a little in a relatively expensive pocket watch.

okay this post's relatively crap, i'm so so tired and i had a trail of thoughts in the bath but now i'm more concerned about that fact that my fringe is buggering about.
and my internet's being rather daft.

i've decided after eating so bloody much lately, i'm going on a proper health kick. 'least in summer there's so much amazing fruit about (': not to mention ice. iced water is actually amazing. (:

they are rather beautiful (:
one last one maybe? then seriously, just check my devientArt (: reginald tribianni

i'm sorry for being a twit.
i've missed you loserrrrrrrr (:


  1. Roza is back :D lovely post ooo and your epq nice one !!! x

  2. completely fallen in love with your photography :') <3

  3. my post failed a little charlesss (;
    and thank you very much :D i know i'm like an advert for it right now, but my devientArt has more (: there's several links (': xx

  4. Your blogs appear very mingecentric.

  5. Your blogs appear very mingecentric.


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