Tuesday, 8 June 2010

not so good..

pretty much how i feel right now. how my exams are going right now. and in fact.. well. if i'm being uber pessamistic then my llife's kinda following that trend too right now.

i don't know if it's the insane amount of stressing i'm doing over slightly menial exams. granted for AS they do matter if i'm going to get into next year but still. today i've pretty much fucked up biology and especially english. i completely forgot to do language analysis in the first part and in the second part with poetry i forgot the whole structure to an essay.
just fabulous. not good :/

maybe i'm making a big deal out of nothing? i just feel fucking exhausted yet i've hardly done anything. go figure for me? oh wonderful. my internets being a twat as usual, my dogs barking and it's going straight through my head, i'm fairly miserable, i feel like crying and it's Helen's birthday tomorrow.

great. absolutely great.

god i feel pathetic. 
the only good thing today was i got a text making me smile before english, and that i managed to tell the examiner that plath was a crap poet who should have kept her suicidal thoughts to her bloody self.

also got told something today which is a bit.. shit really. 

will someone please just come and hug me?
i really kinda need one.


  1. *bear hug*
    and texts are ♥
    but sweetie I failed my english AS.
    Though, chin up soldier


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