Monday, 16 August 2010


thank you again to any new followers, i'm sorry i haven't had a chance to follow and so on but for once i have a social life (':

and i'm kinda lazy.. i apologise. but i will SOON!

this post might be a tad odd, just to warn. but it might kinda enforce something to myself if i just write it down?

because, i know things are gonna change, i know you're not going to have time anymore. uni, football, work, family, friends and obviously your girlfriend. 
because i'm not exactly easy to see
because you've treated me like crap i am fairly resentful of being treated like a doormat.

but eventually, i'll get over it.

frankly, your brothers kinda cuter than you, you've been having your cake and eating it effectively, i refuse to be treated like a cocking doormat. i want to be treated how i should and not a lightswitch. i think i deserve better friends than you, and i don't want to be treated as something hanging on a line, i deseve alot better. perhaps not the world, but alot better than you perhaps.

i really think i should be stronger.
i refuse to get upset over you anymore. (:
oh, and fyi. i know when you're lying. so don't bother, 'kay?

and lorna, thank you so much (: i love that you put up with my moaning about him and i love that you care enough to make me realise that neither of us should be treated like shit. 
i love you misses (:

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