Friday, 20 April 2012


Literally never been more appropriate than right now.
I swear essays and assignments make me clinically depressed. Either that or going home to have shit said about me, then coming back here to be the definition of a loner. Me and family guy are having so much special time it's ridiculous. In fact it's practically a 50 year long marriage. 
- Good Easter? 
Well I suppose if you ignore the fact that I managed to bump into two exs and someone that can be describe as nothing more than an advantage taker and clearly a little desperate, all in one night. In one club. Then crying on one, pissing off the other and being proposition by the thing we'll refer to as Twiddles not to mention a complete cunt of a bouncer who for no reason other than deep admiration for my 'pissed off look' decided that he would make my night just a tad worse. Oh yeah, then my exs friends spreading shit about me because of course, when you're single you aren't allowed to explore other options, HELL NO. 
Then yes, my easter was peachy. 

Not going to lie, I'm on top of the frigging world right now.
The only thing that could make it better is if a bird came and poo'd on me. 
- Knowing my luck recently that will actually be the case by teatime tomorrow.

An essay, a news story and a project to complete within the next week. Living the dream doesn't cover how thrilled I am.
Yes, I'm whinging. No, I don't care that you don't care.

Bloody hate couples. 
If you wish to copulate, do it in a soundproof room. I am not a guy and therefore gleeful perv whenever someone of the dick persuasion manages to infiltrate some woman's special place. If you can call them a woman anyway..
More likely than not they've grabbed a grapefruit and put porn on very loudly to disguise the juicing process. Genuinely starting to feel ill now.

I should've known that coming back a week early was a bad move. So much for keeping a flatmate company! I'm entertaining myself and a small box I've named Julie. 
Times really are bad. 
I'm considering moving away somewhere new, changing my name and BMI but keeping the same mother. Position of father's still negotiable. 

Yours, Whingey Whingerson
Goose tickler.
Save me. Please. Someone?

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