Saturday, 20 October 2012

I'm that irritated I've got a twitch.

Oi you. Stop reading.

Genuinely. That annoyed the bloody twitch in my eye's back. At least I finally know the cause of the sodding thing.

I woke up early on thursday for you when its the one day I could've had a lie in and yet skype didn't happen. You fell asleep halfway through talking to me today. And not only have I been at uni for several, longer than normal, hours and had my first day at a new job which made me as nervous as a gay rabbit in march. 
But still, I stay up late, largely to talk to you. The internet's being shit so I SPEND five quid on it so we can maybe skype. BUT HELL NO. If you're aware you can't talk for long then FOR FUCKS SAKE TELL ME. 
Bite me like a rabid dog.


You can tell when you care too much I think.
This is one of those times. I should start being a twat. Well, more of a twat.


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