Monday, 1 October 2012

Oh baby, you're breaking my heart.

Darling M, why fore art thou piss off to new zealand? I know its prettier than here, you get a bit more sun and you live two seconds away from the beach.. but still. It isn't the same without you.

You still tell me off for not eating and for falling over when I'm drunk. When I'm my usual clumsy self and your amusement at my shameless behaviour in public. I just miss you more than Dolce would miss Gabbana. Your hilarious face shapes and the way you screamed when my cold toes found their way to your back. Your incredible chicken and rice and how you never let me help, you even took over when I tried to cook for you.

Believe me baby, I'm not giving up. 

I just really do adore you. Every tiny little morsel, including your not so little biceps.
You should know you're stuck with me forever now. You aren't aware but I've put superglue on your soul and attached mine to it.

You're the most incredible panda in the world. You are in fact my panda. Not that I own you or anything, but you've stolen part of me so really, it's only fair. 

Love you MPH.

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